There is no other more versatile helicopter spreading system currently on the market compared to the Helispread System

helispread bucket
helispread bucket

Helispread Helicopter Spreader Systems are developed by some of New Zealand’s most experienced agricultural helicopter pilots and designed and engineered exclusively by some of the best engineers the Southern region of New Zealand has to offer.

The workmanship ,finish and performance of the Helispread spreading system is second to none. Built strong, built light , built to perform and above all built to last -so your return on investment as an operator is maximized.

The HeliSpread System

The HeliSpread system is designed to handle all types of spreading from seed , fertilizers, poison baits to mosquito larvacide. Often, a 60 metre swath width is obtainable along with an adjustable application rate. Discharge and application rates per model are available on request as is GPS tracking and data recording for these systems.

Currently powered by the ever popular Honda 4 stroke petrol engine, units can also be purchased without engines should the operator wish to retrofit their own or existing engines.HeliSpread spreaders are fully backed up with off the shelf spares and online service/operation and flight manuals –all available 24/7.

The HeliSpread systems are a hook and go solution ready to hook and fly from the packing crate and suitable for all helicopter types including Robinson , Bell, MD, Eurocopter ,Agusta , Kaman, Mi, Kamov and Sikorsky

It’s not rocket science –

but its right up there.

Before you even get in the air we can assist you with working out your ideal application rate, vs swath width,vs payload, vs airspeed vs fuel burn for each job you intend doing. This gives you maximum profit on return and gives your customer a better result on the ground which means more repeat business for you long term.

Contains impressive features not found in other systems

One system can be used for many applications by adding load extensions.

The System

Helispread systems are made with off the shelf standard equipment to ensure cost effective field servicing when needed.

high quality pneumatic
high quality pneumatic

Helispread only uses high quality Pneumatic air rams that will provide years of trouble free service for the operator. Interchangeable orifice plates allow the operator to determine product application rates per hectare/acre.

Unlike others – Helispread product agitators are fitted standard to ensure efficient product flow.

The Helispread system uses high quality and readily available commercial air cooled compressors fitted complete with a control box available in 12 or 24v drawing on average 12-13 amps from the aircraft when in use.

helispread bucket
helispread bucket

Only HeliSpread!

Only the Helispread system has an inbuilt precharged air reservoir delivering 100% performance to the pneumatic actuator for rapid and instant opening and closing of the hopper gate.

Transporting vehicle tie down points are fitted standard to the system.

Precision machining of the hub incorporates off the shelf automotive bearings for quick and inexpensive replacement when needed

A hook and go spreader bar complete with certified nylon flexi-rope significantly reduces lifting shock on take off when the bucket is full.

Only the Helispread system has an inbuilt precharged air reservoir delivering 100% performance to the Pneumatic actuator for rapid and instant opening and closing of the hopper gate.

Built for reliability and performance

High quality hanger wheels enable one person to tilt and move the system around the hanger easily.

The Helispread contains impressive features not found in other systems. One system can be used for many applications by adding load extensions

PBDS - (Precision Bait Drop System)

This unit is retrofittable to any Helispread system. Remove the spinner assembly and fit the PBDS system in it place – its as simple as that. Your Helispread system just got a whole lot more versatile….

Additional Options

System capacity can be increased by adding inexpensive type extensions , in this case a 300ltr system is increased to 500 ltrs by adding a 200ltr extension.


  • airborne engine restart

  • auxiliary fuel extender fuel tanks

  • re-usable transport shipping crates

  • field spares kit

  • online parts, flight and service manuals

  • automatic service updates and advisory notices

Swath Rates

Helispread systems are independently tested and certified to deliver more product at better swath widths with a lower rate of product volume reduction (less than 8%) at the outer limit.

Helispread systems come in 3 base sizes being 300,530 and 1200 litres. This enables the operator to purchase the minimum volume base unit and a selection of type extensions that can easily be changed out in the field at a fraction of the cost of having several units for multiple type helicopter fleets.

swath rates
swath rates

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